HOTEL, INSPIRE — February 9, 2012 at 5:04 pm

What’s In a Name?


Check out the woahhh name video…The question “What’s in a Name?” has been posed many times since Shakespeare’s star-cross’d lovers dabbled in puppy love philosphy centuries ago. The answer to this age-old question tends to lie halfway between “Not Much,” and “Everything.” It really depends on who you ask. So when it came time to name the White Oaks Resort & Spa lifestyle blog, somewhere in the middle seemed like a safe road to travel.

It should have a W and O in it, to represent the property…like the fitness lifestyle in-house magazine WO. And it should be cool…not just White Oaks Resort Blog. That would be both decidedly unmarketable, and even worse, not unique at all. White Oaks Resort is a one-of-a-kind five star experience which prides itself on being free of any sort of big chain mentality. And if possible the name should encompass all the entities on property…Hotel, Conference Centre, Fitness Club, Spa, Fine and Casual Dining and Weddings. Who’s idea was it to make this such a diverse resort exactly? That’s kind of when the point hit home…there are so many different things happening on property, so many services offered and so many special team members coming together in an impressive fashion to make it all happen, it makes a person stop and think…woahhh. And there you have it, everyone all had a hand in naming the blog. (Special thanks to Keanu Reeves and Joey Lawrence)