WEDDING — February 22, 2012 at 5:01 pm

Look Before You Leap


If you’re looking forward to more temperate March winds and pretty flowers popping up here and there, you’ll have to wait a whole extra day this leap year. On the upside, any of you gals looking for a little foothold for snagging your man – yes, I’m talking proposing marriage – then February 29th is your day. Not that in these modern times a girl needs to be the slave to convention her granny was, but, here are some fun facts about turning traditions on end. Back in the day – 5th century Ireland that is – one woman complained that it took men just a little too long to propose. So it was decreed that women could get down on bended knee once every four years on that special leap year day to propose marriage to their beaux.

Today, you can do it any day you please – the bigger question is would you? With the shoe on the other foot (and the engagement ring in the other pocket) you’d be the one pacing and wondering if he would say ‘yes’. No wonder guys get so freaked out! If you need to ponder just a little further, your next chance is to ride the Sadie Hawkins train come the first Saturday in November. This tradition, and the theme of many a lame high-school dance, sprung out of popular culture in 1937 from a Li’l Abner comic strip. Poor Sadie was the town spinster, and a whopping 35 years of age… luckily in 2012 we’re given more time before we have to move in with 17 cats and wear a bun. So, however that proverbial ring ends up on your finger, or his, we hope it’s exhilarating, and the first of many new memories together. Happy husband hunting… (hee, hee!)