FITNESS CLUB — February 25, 2012 at 9:47 am

Ain’t Life Grande!


It seems like a life-time ago, I answered an ad – with fingers crossed and heart pounding – for ‘Graphic Designer at White Oaks’. It was a pretty clever angle, luring potential hires in with visions of lattes and tennis matches dancing in their heads. Truth be told, they had me at coffee. Lucky for me, I was hired… and lucky for them, I’ve been keeping the coffee-sales coffers topped up since day one. Seriously though, I love this ritual of getting my fix in the morning. Sure the pay-off is a steaming hot cup of joe, lovingly poured by our fantastic baristas, but it’s more than just that.

While I wait in line, I like to observe the people coming and going, their banter with the team and each other. Occasionally – okay always – I engage in some random conversation, or introduce myself to someone new. It’s cool to see what fellow customers like, and do a little loose market research. One thing I have noticed, unlike some of the lines in other coffee joints about town, is the positive vibe that exists in that row of java junkies. No one seems cranky or pushy, even without caffeine coursing through their veins. It really sums up the pulse of the Club itself – brimming with great energy and the buzz of promise and possibility. That’s why I’m happy to hop in line and bliss out a little while I wait… watch for me, I’ll probably even let you up.