INSPIRE — March 12, 2012 at 5:02 pm

Orange You Glad


As the old knock-knock punch line goes… Orange you glad I didn’t say Banana? Well for all of you out there who look gorgeous in juicy, delicious shades of citrus… this spring’s primo palette is for you. Personally, whether it’s orange or banana – up against my skin – both fruits are equally unflattering. I guess I’ll have to ‘settle’ for some new orange Chuck T’s or a snazzy zebra iPad skin. Also the beauty of having a toddler, for a few more months anyway, she won’t know it was my idea that her favourite colour is orange (I know – pure evil).

Isn’t it funny how once a colour pops into your consciousness, the ubiquitous-ness of it all starts to really blow your mind? For me it started with the announcement of the 2012 Pantone Colour of the Year – Tangerine Tango. It lured me in instantly with its sexy promo photo and visions of myself Latin dancing. Suddenly, I was Gloria from Modern Family… then I pinched myself. Anyway, I’ll admit to this tango frenzy influencing the recently rebranded Spa at White Oaks promotional materials, and I’m happy with our au currant choice. Orange has such personality, warmth and now trendiness to boot.

If like me, you cannot pull off an orange swing dress, then you could always slather your bod in a delish orange scent. Farm House Fresh, puts out a scrumptious line of organic body creams and scrubs. Of course Oprah beat me to it on this recommendation, but the Honey Suckle Blood Orange Custard (also available in a body scrub) is pure orange pampering. The creamy custard is a 2-part blend that includes 1/2 whipped shea butter and 1/2 live fruit cells suspended in a nourishing aloe gel that brings vitamin-packed softness to your skin. Hide it from the kids, or they might eat it on a spoon, or worse, straight out of the jar. If you’d rather get your orange on sans the scents – some people are scentsitive – then try an outrageous shade for your next pedicure. I’m still deciding between Brights Power and Atomic Orange.

You can’t leave the dudes out in this March towards orange world domination. While my esteemed colleague and fellow blogger did opt for some clear polish to top off his recent pedi-adventure, I’m sure most guys would draw the line at neon polish. Of course there is March Madness to warm the cockles of any man’s heart. Snack wisely though boys, a 70g serving of Hawkins Cheezies will take 43 minutes of actual Basketball to burn off, so you may want to reach for the Kale Chips instead. Once the madness is over, for sure a new orange shirt from your fave designer can add that citrus dash your wardrobe needs. And let’s not leave home décor out of the citrusification! Grab an orange pillow or two and toss ‘em on your brown or gray sofa: instant style update. I already have orange chairs, so I can sit this one out (har, har!).

Also on the home-front, have you heard of eating foods that are a certain colour for health? It’s kind of cool, I did it 10 years ago in one of my many skinny/healthy endeavours. Perhaps this trend is back, either way I’m hoping that this recipe with gorgeous golden beets and zingy tangerines just might sway my toddler to try salad. I think my recent chanting of you don’t make friends with salad may have been at cross-purposes to my goals. Ahhhh, parenting… it’s so rife with irony isn’t it? Anyway, this recipe found on FOOD & WINE looks simply delicious. I’ll just tell my wee beta group that beets are actually candy. Because they kind of are.

So I’m not saying that being a slave to fashion, or a trend junkie is the only way to live well (heck today I’m wearing pants from ’07) but sometimes that little injection of newness can put a spring in your step that is much needed this time of year. So, however you decide to flavour up your life this season – orange, tangerine, mango, pumpkin, apricot, or melon – you’ll be living well, in living colour!