FITNESS CLUB — March 18, 2012 at 7:00 pm

Family Exercise (Fun’ercise)


Not only is it hard to get oneself into an exercise routine, it’s even harder to get your whole family to do so. My wife and three children and I are at completely different stages of growth and development. We all have different fitness needs and different schedules(school/work/etc). I’ve tried various ways over the years to work out as a family and have found that it’s quite a challenge to keep everyone’s interest.

A few things however have worked out better than others. My wife has struggled with finding the time to exercise while working and raising three children.  In one of the early editions of WO magazine Louise Blais, our Club Manager, gave two examples of ten minute workouts using very little equipment. This worked very well because my wife could easily find ten minutes here during her day. She found she could even find ten minutes a few times a day at times.  The amount of exercise can really add up quickly. Doing four, ten minute workouts a day adds up to 4.66 hours of exercise a week.  Five hours per week is where the real magic is for overall improvement and results.

Of course, since I’m a personal trainer and her adoring husband, she really enjoys a ten minute training session with me.  One time TRX, another time some free weights, or a quick run outdoors. Since I was giving her training sessions it was often a great opportunity for me to do it along with her. I like longer bouts of exercise so for me it would be a part of a longer workout, or sometimes just a fun fitbreak. We started doing plyometric blasts which can really get the heart rate and breathing up in a hurry. We would go slower and slower as we ran out of steam and eventually collapse panting for air and laughing out loud at how ridiculous we looked. The point was that it was great fun and we could just carry on taking care of the other business in our lives afterwards.  As a natural consequence we found that the kids liked to join in as well. They tend to improvise and make it fun in their own way. Who would have thought that a few minutes here and there when everyone’s together for a bit would prove to be so productive?