CONFERENCE — March 23, 2012 at 7:00 pm

Work is Play


I’m often seen around White Oaks dressed in my yoga pants and trainers, but on the “other” side of the sliding door that connects The “Club” to the conference centre engaging in various forms of “PLAY” with the conference guests. As the Recreational Director and manager of the Learning Institute at White Oaks, people often ask me “what is it exactly that you do”?  Now, thinking back I have given this question a lot of thought.  Refining and tweaking my answer over the past 8 years, I’ve become comfortable with “I plan and organize PLAY for a living”.  It never fails that the conversation always progresses into full chatter about the games we play in the Learning Institute, or more commonly known as the “LI”.

Being the Recreation Gal – I fully support the numerous physical, emotional and social benefits of including PLAY into our lives on a daily basis.  In my eyes, PLAY is a doorway to learning, allowing us to engage in challenge, stimulate creativity, to calm and focus ourselves, tap into our competitive nature, or simply, the sheer joy of it.  How fortunate am I to work at a place that gives me the platform to offer up various types of PLAY conference guests during their stay?

Our PLAY is structured, and is designed with the purpose of getting teams to work together to build on their existing company community, but it’s done in a unique context.  The Learning Institute is known for its Shipwreck’d teambuilding program.  In a nutshell teams collaborate to make a plan to create and build a boat (that’s large enough to hold one person) and paddles using only card board and duct tape.  Once it’s all built, we take the boats to our hotel pool, and each team selects one person to paddle their vessel across the pool.  Some paddlers don’t get wet at all and make it across the pool smooth sailing.  On the other hand some boats don’t make it two paddle strokes before their boat (and captain) capsizes.  Either scenario the room is filled with whistling or cheering, teams are excited, refreshed and genuinely happy to be where they are.  We ensure there is nothing ordinary about your conference room, only extraordinary! Come PLAY with us.