FITNESS CLUB — March 29, 2012 at 9:26 am

Fitness for Beginners


fitness leapOur blogger Darius Szpilewski has embarked on a journey to interview professionals within our midsts whose personal success has inspired him in his own life.  In his series “Getting Real About Getting Fit”  Darius hopes to debunk the myths and misinformation that exists out in the media about living a healthy lifestyle.  Let’s all take some clues from the success of these industry experts featured in this series of interviews.

A discussion with Louise Blais – Part 1 – the basics and getting started:
Louise has spent the last 28 years working in the fitness industry in a variety of roles that include personal trainer, fitness director, professor of health and fitness at Niagara College and professional speaker. She is currently the general manager at The Club at White Oaks.

DS – Louise, in one sentence, what is your definition of “fit”?
LB – Fit is having the strength and endurance to live a life of intention…having the energy to do everything you intend to do.

DS – In your opinion what is a common mental challenge or block to achieving one’s fitness goals, and what do you recommend for overcoming this challenge?
LB – A common block is unrealistic expectations.  People either aspire to look a way they can never look or they expect results almost immediately.  This is a lifelong journey and it is all about appreciating everything your body can do for you and then accepting the way it looks.

DS – If there is one myth you would like to debunk, what would it be?
LB – That losing weight requires making sacrifices and therefore, it requires superhuman amounts of motivation.  Losing weight requires learning to love your body enough that you instinctively only want what is right for it. As my favourite obesity doc Dr. Yoni Freedhoff says “live the healthiest life you can enjoy”, because when you stop enjoying it, it’s a diet.  And we all know what happens to dieters.

DS – Can you tell us how your day of eating looks like and what strategies and tactics you use when trying to get and/or stay lean.
LB – I eat about 5-6 times throughout the day.  I almost always have two breakfasts because I wake at 5am and I could never last until 12 with just one.  I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and I make sure I get protein with every meal or snack. I try to only eat when I am hungry and stop eating before I am full. Being more intuitive with my eating takes the feeling of deprivation away – I never truly decide not to eat something but I always question what benefit I will derive from it.  Sometimes the benefit is only to my soul, not my body, and that’s okay…we are all one. I also exercise every single day, even if it just a hike in the woods with my dogs.