DINING — April 29, 2012 at 7:06 pm

Don’t Fear the Tofu


tofu stirfryPeople are often afraid of what they don’t understand. Even if that something happens to be an unassuming jello-like substance consumed by millions of people all over the world. Tofu is clearly the Rodney Dangerfield of the food world…but what exactly is it, and why doesn’t it get any respect?

Much of the confusion lies in the fact that tofu appears in many forms. Made from pressing the curds of coagulated soybean milk into soft white blocks, it can be found as a solid in soups, fake meat products like veggie dogs and tofurkey, deep fried, scrambled or in a stirfry, as a softer sweetened version for dessert, or even made back into a liquid protein smoothie. Now how is that for versatility?

Tofu originated in ancient China ( we’re talking 100 BC), and quickly became a dietary mainstay for much of Asia due to its low-fat, high-protein qualities. Throughout the centuries it has continued to gain popularity because of its affordable production, most recently becoming well-known in the Western world as a favourite prototypical ingredient amongst vegetarian diets.

Tofu’s real strength is its cooking chameleon ability to adapt within whatever recipe it’s used. Though it begins as an unappealing looking, near-flavourless substance, it absorbs whatever flavour or form you give it. There are few rules when it comes to this soy marvel. That’s what makes it fun!

Embracing the spirit of modern cuisine and healthy eating, the Executive Chef team at White Oaks Resort currently feature a tofu dish on the Play Urban Cafe menu, Hot Wok Tofu. So don’t be shy, and give tofu a try!