FITNESS CLUB — May 3, 2012 at 11:12 am

Rock Your World with the “ViPR”


What is the ViPR?
Well, if you have ever had the pleasure of packing up and moving yourself then you will kind of know what the ViPR would feel like! The last thing you want to pick up are the carpets that you have rolled up and taped – you lean them up against the wall and two people are needed to haul them out the door.

The ViPR is designed in a similar way – but smaller in length and with handles, when you pick one up it feels comfortable and when you start moving it around in space it feels amazing – smooth and natural ….. after about 15 seconds ……sweat starts to drip off your forehead and you start to feel your heart rate increase and it’s like “oh yah” this is going to be good!!
ViPR stands for Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning, and that is what you get! This is a great piece of equipment! I have used many tools for training – and this allows you to move in a multi-directional way, lifting, shifting and twisting.
It was developed by Michol Dalcourt – who grew up on a farm in Alberta and learned at a young age that you have to integrate your whole body as a system to be efficient and strong.

The ViPR integration of exercises is a wicked workout and when you start to move with it and become connected to it you will discover this fluid movement that feels rhythmical and empowering. As you become efficient with the base moves, you can start to really have fun! the possibilities are endless for strength training, cardiovascular training and developing optimal function in the body.

This is a workout for all levels – Men and Women! from the deconditioned to the elite athlete, because it comes in different weights – starting at 4kg and going all the way up to 20kg. You can start with very basic ViPR moves and work up from there. This is a workout that will Rock your World! Take it in, play, explore and feel the rush of energy through your body in this totally wicked and fun training session!

See you in class,