INSPIRE — May 8, 2012 at 4:30 pm

For the Birds


Everyone gets pumped up about blooms and blossoms this time of year. Don’t get me wrong… I love to see the first bulbs poking up their pretty heads, but I don’t think I will ever tire of watching chubby little robin red breast hop and scurry around the lawn in search of worms and dryer lint. This in itself is a pretty cool juxtaposition of nature and suburbia. Though my garden is a bit of a shambles, the birds don’t seem to mind, so I’d like to raise a scoop of birdseed to all of my fair-feathered friends.

I started this bird-lovers mission (obsession?) by sending a link to my mate to add to his honey-do list, a clunky-cool concrete birdhouse.  I love its chunky raw simplicity, and it seems a fitting abode for a creature-culture who is all about found items. If your designated builder (or mine) has no time for upcycling this season, my favourite birdhouse design has got to be the J. Schatz Egg Birdhouse. This full on upscale, stoneware design is natural looking yet totally modern and will add a funky punch of colour to your yard (available in seven of-the-moment shades).

And, while you’re lounging around bird watching you just might want to do some reclining. You’ll need a snazzy pillow or two to prop up your delicate head, and angle it just so, to get a birds-eye-view (ha, ha).  Etsy is teeming with bird-themed crafts and cushions, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind piece. Or, on a recent trip to IKEA the first thing I spotted in the showroom upon arrival were chic bird pillows on a black leather sofa. They would be equally at home on natural linen or outdoor wicker as well.

I’ll admit I’m a little mental for birds right now and my web searches and pinning have only served to increase my mania. But, I can see from my travels that I am not alone. There is a strong movement towards nature in fashion, and so no shortage of awesome finds. Flowers… been there… done that (okay, still doing that) but I am ready to go for the natural gusto and don a bevy of birds. Skirt? Dress? Shirt? Shoes?… don’t worry; I won’t wear all of them at once! Or if you’re a dude, you could opt for the hand-printed graphic tee, and no, not twitter or angry birds – unless you work in IT, then I guess that is allowed.­­­

Finally, on a more serious – yet still whimsical  – note, let’s talk safety. An essential spring ritual is to check those batteries in the old smoke detector, so please make sure you do so. And, if you think that design is limited to sundresses and sofas, think again! Here is a little birdie that can live safely in your house – with no messy surprises overhead – save for the chirping alarm to tell you that you are most likely burning toast. Yes, even safety can get it’s trendy on. So refresh those batteries, plump those pillows, toss your toast crumbs out the back door and live well amongst the birds.