FITNESS CLUB, INSPIRE — May 18, 2012 at 11:44 am

WO Magazine – Behind the Scenes


Putting together the WO Magazine for the fitness club is always a learning experience for our team. I wanted to share some of the more interesting things we learned this edition (Spring 2012) that were too weird, irrelevant or idiotic to make it into the actual pages of the magazine.

So check this out…you know how chef’s do this great flippy thing with the pan and absolutely nothing falls out, skitters across the floor, or falls overboard directly into the flame? Turns out you don’t learn this technique in cooking school! It’s a well-known fact that if you want to be one of the cool kids in chef class, you better know how to do this before you walk in the door.  Anyone signing up for cooking school practices this move until they get it right BEFORE the first day of school. You don’t want to be the geek that turned up with no flipping skills and tries to stir stuff with a spoon. No one will have lunch with you and you will be openly mocked.

Also, in our yoga story we got to meet the lovely graceful as a swan Michelle…who showed up to the photo-shoot with a sore foot. What happened? While doing a handstand in her bedroom, (because you know, we all do handstands in our bedrooms on occasion) she lost her balance and came crashing down on the edge of her dresser. Ouch! Even graceful swans that do yoga fall over from time to time.

And the worst news of all was that we wanted to write a story about the health benefits of owning a dog, or some other equally fabulous pet. Turns out there is just as much evidence to prove that pets are sometimes a deterrent to general health as there is to say they are a benefit. We could not unequivocally say with any authority on the matter that owning a dog would benefit your health for sure, for sure. So we opted not to write the story. But this is a blog and I’m just going to say this, how can owning a dog and having a being on this earth love you without any expectations or judgments be bad for you?  I for one don’t have a dog – I’m not allowed (long story involving husband which could be another blog all on its own. A whole book maybe.)  but, my sister has one and his name is Gus. He makes the whole family happy. He understands English and pees on my foot every time I come to see him.  I ask you – what can be better for you than getting a reception of joy, bouncing and urination?