DINING, INSPIRE — June 18, 2012 at 7:55 pm

Patio Mojo


Can you feel it? The need to get outside and take in all the rays, breezes, buzzing and chirping possible? Outdoor living is hotter that ever. I think, mainly because of all of the cool furniture and décor you can buy, but also because of global warming (so do cut down on those disposable plates). I resisted the outdoor mega-trend for several years, mainly because my deck was a postage stamp with a wee bistro set on it. But, with a new sprawling terrace underway I’ll be chaisin’ it in no time at all. So it’s definitely time to get some sip and nosh ideas brewing…

Inspired by my awesome new Sung convo set, I’m travelling to the Other Americas – in search of some sassy and refreshing fare. What better place to start, than by muddling up the perfect Mojito? With the added bonus of green tea, this cool cocktail has a little dash of flavonoids as well as fewer calories. Skinnytaste.com has scads of cool and light summer recipe ideas that would be perfect patio or poolside. Limes, mangoes and avocados are on my shopping list this month. (That is until the fresh local fare starts pouring in – that really is the best time of year!).

Blood Orange Soda (unspiked) is going to be my rest of the time – let’s face it… most of the time – summer bevvie. PC makes one that is pretty tasty, but a glass of Pellegrino – or anything sparkling – with a hearty squeeze of citrus and a sprinkle of Stevia is just as refreshing, and a good pinch healthier.

If you don’t have a deck at all… for instance, you live in a basement apartment, the concrete jungle or even a bog with too many skeeters, then pop into PLAY Urban Café – yep, shameless plug – for a Mojito that will literally make you melt. With six totally cool flaves – each featuring lemon gelato – they are the quintessential patio sipper… or are they a meal? You can decide as you watch the sunset and from our chic patio and live well this summer. (Please drink deliciously & responsibly)