WEDDING — July 8, 2012 at 8:00 pm

Wedding Cake Pops


cake pops for your wedding in NiagaraHaving a beautiful cake, with a bride and groom sitting at the top gazing adoringly at each other is a steadfast tradition at a wedding. But a new cake trend is popping up at weddings in Niagara this summer. Move over 3-tier wedding cakes and get out of the way delicate cupcakes because now, cake pops are taking over the scene!

What the heck is a cake pop? Basically, and this is by no means a professional baker’s description, a cake pop is cake mashed together with icing then formed into a ball and put on a stick. The last step is to dip it into a candy coating and decorate. Voila cake on a stick – Cake Pop! Not only are these little treats delicious but the options are endless when it comes to decorating them – I think that’s my favourite part about them! You can choose a floral design to complement your summer wedding, any colour palette your heart desires, arrange them in a cake pop tower, use them as place card holders, or colour the actual cake inside the pop to surprise your guests with that little extra detail. They are fun and whimsical and I like to believe, since they are just little pops, less calories…maybe.

Many brides having their weddings in Niagara have already jumped on the cake pop bandwagon! It is an ideal dessert that allows you to tie everything together – match your wedding colours/theme, bridesmaids dresses or if your guest list consists of a lot of children, they are perfect. At some of our weddings at our Niagara on the lake venue, I have seen cake pop bouquets, cake pop towers, cake pop centre pieces – the options seem endless! It is wonderful to honor tradition, especially in a monumental event like a wedding however, if you want to create a few unique expressions and variations of the traditional theme, cake pops might be the way to go!

Cake pops are a great dessert for your wedding but don’t forget – they would also be perfect for your wedding shower, bachelorette or any event you may have coming up!  And best of all, no forks or plates required!