HOTEL — August 23, 2012 at 4:30 pm

White Oaks Goes Runway


wedding photoshoot sneak peakAmongst the chatter and hub of guests flowing through White Oaks Resort in August and September, it might be a little easier to hear the click of the shutter and catch the light of flashbulbs. As timing would have it, several key photoshoots are happening at the same time across the property.

Just wrapped is a week long series of styled wedding images, with full themed decor and an entire wedding party. These images will be revealed on the blog, as well as used to showcase our Niagara wedding facilities.

Also on the go is a photoshoot spanning several weeks, with extensive coverage of the entire White Oaks property, in order to create a virtual tour. This image based web experience will help to showcase our five-star facilities and give potential guests a detailed glimpse of what awaits them.

Finally, production for the Fall issue of WO Magazine has begun, which means plenty of snapping away within the fitness club area. After all, what’s a healthy lifestyle magazine without some quality photos of tasty foods, interesting people and perfect yoga poses?