FITNESS CLUB — September 29, 2012 at 6:02 pm

Nutrition vs Exercise


weight lossAs a fitness professional I am often asked about how to exercise to lose weight…here’s what my 30 years in the business and the stacks of research from my Master’s thesis have taught me thus far. If weight loss is your goal you will most likely be disappointed with exercise; as it will be slow and not as substantial as the effort would make it seem it should be.

So, if weight loss is what you need or want, nutrition is the way to go. Small steps incorporated slowly (eat slow, stop at 80% full, get more veggies and less junk…). Precision Nutrition is a great resource…check them out online or hire yourself a PN Coach. But if staying alive is what you need or want, then you need to exercise, everyday.

I promise that this small shift in changing the way you think about exercise will be helpful. When people approach it from a weight loss perspective, of which it almost always fails, they measure their success by the scale and then give up when it doesn’t budge. Exercise is FAR more important than weight loss. So start incorporating small (30 minutes) bouts of exercise into your day (whatever you enjoy…so running perhaps) and then work on adding intensity to it. Throw in small, short but really intense intervals…or drop and do as many pushups as you can, etc. Don’t forget about keeping your body strong as well. Resistance training is essential if you plan to remain independent as you age. At some point, you really will need to be strong enough to pick yourself up off the floor or get your naked body out of a bath tub…so train for it now.