FITNESS CLUB — January 8, 2013 at 11:01 am

Say Hello to Small Group Training


small group trainingHave you hit a fitness plateau? This could be in the areas of fat loss, strength gain, or speed and power. whatever it may be – it’s time for a change. Your body gets used to the same activities, same foods and in general the daily routine of life. Specific targeted change to shock the body into doing something outside the comfort zone will ultimately activate results.

The best exercise is the one you’re not doing!! (Great quote from Charles Poliquin). You may do the same workout every week – same group fitness class every week? for the past 3-4 months or more! It’s time to change it up! Try something NEW.

Key ingredients to success – Inspire, Motivate and Achieve! One way to experience this success in fitness is Small Group Training! Not only is it big on the Fun side but it’s also affordable. All the benefits of one-on-one personal training, but at a reduced rate. Working out with others is a great way to find inspiration and motivation in achieving your goals. It starts to feel like a tribe is being created when you work out together towards a similar goal! The added bonus is that and you still receive the private attention from your trainer to help yield results!

There are some great Small Group Training methods available that will have you shedding those extra pounds and building a strong body! The hot NEW workout for SGT is JumpSport, and why is it insanely awesome!? It’s a great cardio workout, no impact! Runners prone to impact injuries can supplement their training with the trampoline workout. JumpSport trampolines are uniquely designed to minimize impact, so they put less stress on your knees and back.

Another great class you won’t see in group exercise is Tread and Shed – this SGT session will get you ready for that ½ or full marathon you have on your bucket list or you may just want to learn the ropes of running and experience all the benefits without going outside. This class will educate you on proper technique for warm up using the grid for myofacial release and the benefits of a progressive training program – you will be up for anything after 12 weeks of tread and shed!

In Small group Training you have the benefit of being accountable – not only for yourself and your trainer, but to the group. The camaraderie increases the fun factor too! The number one reason to try Small Group Training is RESULTS! This missing link between group exercise classes and one-on-one training may be the answer to helping you reach your fitness goals for 2013 and overcoming those pesky plateaus.