FITNESS CLUB — June 23, 2014 at 9:50 am

Eating Clean Sabotage


You have made the commitment to Eat Clean and now you have to negotiate with your spouse to stop eating out of bags and boxes. Sound familiar?  Do you frequently throw up your hands in horror when you hear “Let’s have pizza for dinner?”

It’s hard enough to keep your will power strong, but now you have to battle the box! Even though we are all adults and are expected to make informed decisions, it’s hard when you have to scrap with your spouse to keep your eat clean commitment to yourself. Though you may feel the urge to “just go with the flow” and eat what your spouse eats, your choices to eat clean are important to you. Yes, this choice likely means organizing two meals and it may mean extra work for the chef. However, we each have our own personal goals, which we should keep front and centre on our minds.

Your own goal may be to climb the corporate ladder; to exercise four times a week; or to eating well so that your body will still respect you in the morning. At the end of the day, having options and making the right choices for you, can mean you both get what you want. Making this compromise may also mean you might actually still be friends at the end of a meal.

The food dynamic in your house may require negotiation and some extra give and take from time to time from everyone. Perhaps your spouse would agree to join you once a week to help support you on your eating clean quest? They may even see for themselves the benefits of encouraging their body to accept freshly-made food instead of a quick and easy (with little nutrient value) stomach-filler out of a box. Working together, we can make small sustainable changes…  good luck and be strong.