FITNESS CLUB — April 19, 2017 at 11:39 am

Live Well Fair


On April 22, 2017, The Club at White Oaks is proud to host the Live Well Fair for the second year in a row. The Live Well Fair is a day to celebrate health and wellness, and discover new ways to be kinder to yourself, and to the earth.

This year, we will be hosting over fifty health and holistic vendors, from Bella Buddha Beads, to The Kinder Way Cosmetics, to Sarah’s Soaps, all who are eager to share their products, services, and stories. We interviewed a few vendors, and here’s what they had to say!

White Oaks: What product are you most excited to showcase at the Live Well Fair?

Bella Buddha: I am most excited to feature my new bright blue spring collections, and my essential oil diffusing collections!

Kinder Way: We are excited to showcase our Natural Deodorant because it is always a great conversation starter, and we love it when our customers make the switch from conventional to natural deodorant!

Sarah’s Soaps: We are most excited to showcase our botanical infused SALVES. We have 3 different salves, CALENDULA + PLANTAIN, SHEA + ROSEBUD and ARNICA + EUCALYPTUS. Each are solar infused in nourishing oils with a carefully crafted blend of herbs and botanicals to care for, and heal, the skin.

WO: What part of the fair are you most excited for?

Bella Buddha: I love learning about health and wellness. I have found there are so many amazing health and wellness professionals, who are just bursting with excitement, and information, about what they do. It is so nice to be able to pick their brain about any questions and concerns in a world right now that is consumed with self love and physical well being! Of course, I also love shopping all of the goodies that there are to offer!

Kinder Way: We are excited to have thoughtful conversations with people who are interested in learning about natural skin care – and checking out the other vendors!!

Sarah’s Soaps: We are most excited to see and experience all of the other vendors at the Live Well Fair. It is amazing to see such a large group of like-minded individuals come together to share what they believe and love. There is so much to learn, from exercise to meditation to food, everyone is there to share their advice and experience being their best, and healthiest, selves!

WO: What’s something cool or unique about your business that would motivate someone to visit your booth at the fair?

Bella Buddha: Bella Buddha Beads are all handmade gemstone accessories that include bracelets, Malas, chokers, earrings + more! Something cool about Bella Buddha Beads is that every piece is unique, and has its own personal flare, just like its potential owner! Also – being made from all natural gemstones, each Bella Buddha Bead bracelet has certain health and wellness properties exuding from them to aid you in both the physical and spiritual realms!

Kinder Way: A unique feature about The Kinder Way Cosmetics is that all of our products are packaged in glass bottles and jars. We strive to create products that are not only Kinder to your body but also Kinder to the environment.

Sarah’s Soaps: What is unique about us is that we are 100% vegan + cruelty free. From our raw ingredients to the final product, we make sure that each and every single product is free from any and all animal products/byproducts and have never been tested on animals. Cruelty-free is best!

WO: Do you have a piece of wellness advice that you live by?

Bella Buddha: Everything in moderation, find a physical activity you LOVE and work at it everyday, and slather yourself with coconut oil always – it solves ALL of the problems!

Kinder Way: Our advice is “less is more.” We try to keep our products as natural as possible, and they all contain 6 ingredients or less.

Sarah’s Soaps: Just breathe. It is so primal and cliché but it works wonders on your body. Breathing properly in, inflating your diaphragm + slowly exhaling helps to lower blood pressure, reduce stress + helps us all to relax. It is something so simple that anyone can do!

Not only are there tons of exciting vendors, but there will be a number of incredible and inspiring guest speakers as well.

The Live Well Fair will host a guest panel, featuring Dr. Penny Klein EdD, Dr. Roger Schneider MD, and Sifu George Picard, QiGong Master. This panel will speak about an ancient system of energy and exercise, called QiGong, and how this practice can help manage cancer. The trailer for the Canadian premier of the short film documentary on QiGong, can be viewed here.

To follow, Nurse Kristina Janicas Practitioner RN will speak to Platelet Rich Plasma (or PRP) and how it can help regenerate the body naturally. She will explain how a patient’s own blood is drawn, the process of separating the white and red blood cells and PRP, and how the PRP is re-administered to help repair the body naturally.

Transformed by detoxes, Naturopathic Doctor and Renew Life Spokesperson,  Dr. Sara Celik ND will be present to talk about why diets and exercise don’t always work. Dr. Sara will talk about jump-starting your way to better health, and how you can enjoy doing it. A must-see speaker for people who are looking to kick start a healthier life!

Finally, Dr. Christina Plaskos MD is a cosmetic and wellness expert, and will share her secrets to healthier, and younger, looking skin. Dr. Plaskos’ vision is to “help people live optimally and fuel them to ignite their infinite potential,” which she will speak to in her talk “Harmony… Ignite a Better Life!”

The White Oaks Green Team has partnered with Mori Gardens, and will be on site honouring Earth Day by hosting a plant sale. Plants sold out fast last year, so get here early and  don’t forget a little extra cash! (Mom would love a new plant for her garden!)

105.7 EZ Rock will be on scene during the day, and there will be a number of contests and prizes to be won! Admission is $5 at the Club desk, or at the door, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Hospice Niagara.

So, on April 22, 2017 from 10am until 5pm, treat yourself to a wealth of health knowledge, a bar of homemade, organic soap or an aromatherapy bracelet, and a healthy goodie or two! Check out our Facebook event page here.