SPA — May 29, 2017 at 1:05 pm

First-Time Facial


If you’ve never been into a spa for a facial a) it can be intimidating, but b) I would 100% recommend it. Spas offer a number of different kinds of facials for all different skin concerns, and there is always going to be something that is perfect for you.

I went to the Spa at White Oaks for my first ever facial. A great place to start is the 55 minute Spa Facial, because they’ll customize it to your skin specifically, so that’s exactly what I got!

I walked into the Spa (which smelled amazing, by the way) and was greeted by two women at the reception desk. They asked for my name, and had me fill out an information sheet about any previous health issues I’ve had – pretty standard. I was then taken to the women’s change room. I selected a locker and found a cozy robe and comfy sandals inside, which I slipped into. I went out to the Relaxation Room to wait for my esthetician. The room was draped in soft lighting, with an ambient fireplace, and plush couches. There was cold water with lemon or cucumber, and hot water for tea on a station in the corner. The marble table that owned the centre of the room had magazines, spa snack menus, and shiny green apples. It was incredibly peaceful.

I helped myself to a lemon water and sipped on it with my feet up and enjoyed the sense of quiet. The esthetician came to welcome me, and walked me to one of the private treatment rooms. She explained the facial process, and we talked about my skin concerns, to make sure that everything she was going to do was tailored to me specifically. She left the room to let me get comfortable, under the warm blankets on the table. As I lay there under the warm blanket, soft music playing, a sweet, soothing scent floating around the room, I nearly fell asleep! It was so relaxing.

The esthetician returned, and began the facial process with an exfoliant. You would be shocked at the amount of dead skin that came off of my face, despite the fact that I have a pretty vigorous skin routine at home. There were some creams, and oils that were used, but the best part of the facial was definitely the extractions. No matter how well you take care of your skin, or how little makeup you wear, there will always be dirt and natural oils that find a way to clog your pores. After the extractions, I honestly felt like my skin took a giant deep breath. The extractions irritate your skin a bit, since it’s not used to being poked and prodded but then comes the mask!  A cooling cucumber and peppermint mask was applied to my face next. The mask tingled at first, and then became cooling and soothing.  Delightful.

Throughout the process, my esthetician used a number of essential oils that both smelled, and felt, amazing. She massaged my jaw, ears, neck, arms, and scalp, which was unbelievably relaxing. We closed out the treatment with a rose oil, to tone and soothe my skin. My esthetician even wrote out the products she would recommend for me to use at home – or what White Oaks calls a “spa-scription.”

Overall, my experience at the Spa at White Oaks was bliss, and I took away three key things:

  1. Facials are underrated. People do not talk about them enough. I cannot remember the last time I left anywhere feeling so refreshed. If I can stress one thing it’s this: GO GET A FACIAL.

  2. Extractions hurt (a bit!). I’m not going to lie to you. They’re not rainbows and sunshine. But they are so worth it. I promise you will both feel the difference, and notice one. There will be a little scabbing if you have areas that really needed attention, like a pimple, or a particularly problematic blackhead, but they heal quick, and your skin will thank you for getting rid of them.

  3. You should get a facial every season. Each season the weather changes, our skin changes, the oils in our body change, and the results can be incredibly damaging to the skin. Going for a seasonal facial ensures that your skin is being taken care of, and getting the attention and care that it deserves.

What are you waiting for? Go book yourself a facial!