Julie Lepp
Is a long, long, long time team member at White Oaks and managing editor. She is an expert at nothing but has an opinion on everything, which she is happy to offer for entertainment purposes only. Please don’t take anything she says all that seriously. Seriously.


Jenny Hipwell
Is a much travelled Spa Director, who minors in daredeviling. Having managed several major luxury hotel spa brands, including The Spa at White Oaks, she embraces the wellness world and “Spa” life, with a special passion for skin care.


Jennifer Schmaltz
Is new to the writing scene, but has long-been a verbose, arty-wordy-type-chick. A (newish) mum of one, she is always looking for keen ways to make life for her little family fan-tas-tic. There’s no telling where her next misadventure in living well will lead.


Jamie Honsberger
Is an avid blogger, trend-spotter and ace in media of the social sort. A recent graduate of Sales & Marketing, she offers a fresh outlook on the fast-paced connected world and its ever-changing landscape.


Jason Dwyer
Is a painty design make picture person who has done work for for clients across North America. Currently the Interactive Designer at White Oaks, he does his best to make sure everything is good in the blog hood.


Liz Fleming
Is a travel writer with weekly columns in the Toronto Star, various other newspapers and She’s a thrilled to be a blog contributor, and is inspired by the people she’s met through White Oaks.


Allison Campbell
Fun is this girl’s friend! The Director of Experiential Learning at ExL White Oaks, Allison uses her Rec & Leisure smarts to execute highly popular team building programs. She embraces lifelong learning, playing and, of course, wine.


Darius Szpilewski
Health and performance coach, coachee, athlete, student of life, seeker of truth, and now up and coming blogger. Darius’ interest in human body, mind, and performance allows him to do what he loves to do and not work a day in his life.